FAQs & Testimonials

We take a minimum of four for hair and make up and a maximum of eight, depending on the time of your wedding. As there just isn’t enough hours in the day!

FAQs & Testimonials Honey & Violet

Of course! We love coming to all the different venues and spending time pampering the bride and bridal party in the morning, it means you can chill with a glass of champers in your hand and we will do all the hard work!

Your wedding date is secured once your deposit has been paid. This is a £100 deposit per stylist and is non-refundable.  It is deducted from your booking total. You can request a free booking quote on this page or contact us

Due to demand trials are only offered once a deposit has been paid.

We have our bridal experts (Honey and Violet) and a selection of hand picked stylists nationwide as part of the Honey and Violet Pro team. 

We usually recommend Brides come in for their hair and make up trial, roughly 6-8 weeks prior to their big day.

It’s helpful to get a selection of photos together showing styles that you like, to give us an idea of the sort of things you might like to try. You don’t need to send them in advance of your trial, just bring them along. Don’t worry if you don’t we can go through what you like and try different styles.

You can also view loads of example pictures on our Instagram account

This all depends on how many people including yourself need hair and make up. We will be able to work out the exact timings for the big day once you’ve had your bridal trial. We always allow plenty of time, making sure you’re ready, with enough time to get your dress on and have photos taken.

I use a wide variety of products that work well on different skin types and they last all day!

Products include: Urban Decay, MAC, Vieve, Kiko, Charlotte Tilbury, Clairns…

Cleanse and moisturise the skin, and drink plenty of water the day before to make sure your skin is hydrated. Use products that provide deep hydration the night before.

However, leading up to your wedding, we would advise you avoid trying any new products or treatments in order to avoid an irritation or flare-up.

Whether you’re saying “I do” or part of the bridal party, you want your hair to look amazing! Here’s some tips to prep your hair for the big day.
Getting a hair up or half up-half down style?
-Arrive with your hair completely dry. Your style will not hold on wet or damp hair. There is no time to blow dry your hair, we would spend more time drying and less time creating a style you love! It could also make us run late and we don’t want that…
-Having a clean scalp free of product and oil build up is important. A style will not hold on dirty hair. You know your hair best. For most,  “clean” hair can be achieved by washing the night before or morning of the wedding.

-When washing I recommend doing a good shampoo (2x good scrubs to really clean the scalp, make sure you get underneath and over the ears too!) You can condition your ends but try to avoid the roots and rinse well. 
PLEASE avoid using hotel room toiletries.
Blow-dry as smooth as you can with a paddle or round brush with your regular styling products.
-If you have naturally curly hair and want to wear your curls in your style pay attention to the day after washing that your curls look their best and try to coordinate with the wedding day. Use your regular styling products and we can touch up any unruly hairs to mimic your natural curl pattern.
_ If you have naturally curly hair and want a sleek, smooth or straighter looking style then you need to blowout as smooth as possible prior to your appointment.
-Part your hair where you think you’d most likely want to style for the wedding day. Once your hair dries in a certain parting it’s hard to change it.
-Try to leave it down to avoid creases or flatness from a ponytail or bobble.
Getting a Blow dry Only? 
– Do a good shampoo prior to your appointment (2x good scrubs to really clean the scalp) You can condition your ends but try to avoid the roots and rinse well. PLEASE avoid using hotel room toiletries.
– For best results wash hair as close to your appointment time as possible so you can arrive with wet hair. If this is not possible make sure to comb to prevent tangling and comb your hair in the direction you prefer for it to be styled. Your hair can be sprayed down with water if required.
Prep is important. The better you prep, the better the end style will be!

Honey & Violet